About Me

Hi, my name is Rachel and one of my passions is nutritious and delicious food. My love for cooking and food stems from my parents. Both of them are skilled with cooking and baking and they each taught me valuable lessons with tons of experience in the kitchen growing up. I also had dual cultural influences (Chinese and English) being the mixed kid I am, and with my parents also experimenting with many other cultural foods…my love only grew more.

My twenties were spent mostly away from home. I started with university up north in Thunder Bay at Lakehead University where I received my Kinesiology (H.B.K) and Education (B.Ed) degrees. I then spent a summer in England, a couple of years out west in B.C. and a year in Japan teaching English. When I finally returned I fell into the restaurant business and soon decided to to take holistic nutrition at the Canadian School of Nautral Nutrition to further my love and skill with food.

I am not a vegan or vegetarian, nor am I gluten-free, dairy-free or sugar-free. But do I experiment with all of them? Absolutely! I love ALL sorts food and the only “restriction” I have is that it’s as natural as possible 🙂


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi. I noticed in one of the pix that the ingredients were PC which made me wonder and brought me to your About Me page.
    I’m in Canada too, Ontario to me a bit more specific :).
    I’m just waiting for the crops to start growing so they can be reaped and I can reap the benefits at the Market, lol.
    Anyway, hello :).

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    • Hi! Thanks for reading 🙂 I’m in Ontario too. Stouffville to be exact. I’m starting a little garden in our backyard this year, it’s no farm, but I love to going to the market to purchase farm grown crops 🙂 Let’s hope the weather co-operates!
      Rachel 🙂


      • :). I’m in Kitchener, in an apartment so planting a garden won’t work very well, especially with a roomie who hogs the kitchen table for her art projects *sigh* I do good to have room for my fern, spider plant and some starters I’ve got going of Aloe and spider *sigh*.
        One year….
        Nice to meet you any way.


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