Sprouts! (Part 3)

Alright so it’s been just over a month since I repotted these sprouts. Not so much sprouts anymore. After watching these plants grow like crazy (with all these rainstorms we’ve been having – thank you nature!) I have finally discovered what 2 of the 3 plants are:


See those little green shoots?? Yup! Beans! Not quite sure what type they are yet but we will soon find out!

Update soon 🙂

Your Natural Groove Gal


Sprouts! (Part 2)

Alright. So I finally got to potting these a couple of weeks ago! It had been about a month since I got them (see orignial post here) and man are they growing fast!


I chose a few sections and potted them separately. There seem to be be three different types.


Well here they are. Not sure if we’ll get anything out of these, but we’ll just have to wait and see!

Next update in another month or so 🙂

Your Natural Groove Gal



Check out these babies! A big thank you to my boyfriend for bringing these home 🙂 Also the weather was so beautiful and sunny I just had to take outdoor pics!

It’s a mixed bag of radishes, clover and other legumes/peas. My plan is to use half in my smoothies and then plant the rest and see what we get! We have a brand new gardening bed out front which should be a great spot.

Sprouts contain everything a plant needs to grow (much like an egg for animals). When sprouts start…sprouting, they have a rich source of nutrients. The amount of vitamins, minerals and other anti-oxidents highly increase. Enzymes kick in that a) make them easier to digest and b) increase the availability of nutrients when ingested.

So more nutritents,
And easier to digest.
Win – Win!


Stay tuned for a update on the fresh garden we will have!

Your Natural Groove Gal 🙂