Check out these babies! A big thank you to my boyfriend for bringing these home šŸ™‚ Also the weather was so beautiful and sunny I just had to take outdoor pics!

It’s a mixed bag of radishes, clover and other legumes/peas. My plan is to use half in my smoothies and then plant the rest and see what we get! We have a brand new gardening bed out front which should be a great spot.

Sprouts contain everything a plant needs to grow (much like an egg for animals). When sprouts start…sprouting, they have a rich source of nutrients. The amount of vitamins, minerals and other anti-oxidents highly increase. Enzymes kick in that a) make them easier to digest and b) increase the availability of nutrients when ingested.

So more nutritents,
And easier to digest.
Win – Win!


Stay tuned for a update on the fresh garden we will have!

Your Natural Groove Gal šŸ™‚


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