Food for Thought – Strawberries


Did you know there are over 600 varieties of strawberries around the world? Here are a few helpful tips on how and why you should incorporate these wonderful berries into your diet.

Strawberries have polyphenols, a micronutritent that helps regulate blood sugar. They inhibit the activity of alpha-amylase which is responsible for breaking down starches into simple sugars and therefore less sugar enters the blood stream. It’s especially great for those with diabetes as it won’t spike blood sugar levels as many fruits normally would. Strawberries also have many anti-inflammatory aspects (as is with every berry, actually any fruit or even vegetable – vitamins and minerals = anti-oxident and anti-inflammatory – remember that!).

When purchasing at your local market, look for a shiny, deep red colour. Organic would be better, (but check out my list and thoughts on the Dirty Dozen). Once picked, strawberries do not ripen further. On the other hand, do not purchase over ripe either as they have been picked passed their prime and nutrients start to wither away. Once you have purchased them, eat them within 3 days to enjoy them at their best!

A high source of:

  • Vitamin C – way more than you would find in an orange – these berries pack a punch with this immune building nutrient
  • Manganese – not only does it provide anti-oxident and anti-inflammatory benefits – this mineral is great for bone and skin health
  • Fibre – need I say more?
    Keep in mind that to get as much nutrients as possible, consume them raw! There are many ways to include strawberries into dishes. A fresh coulis, which is traditionally cooked, can be made in raw form quickly and easily with just 2 simple ingredients!

    Strawberry Sauce/Coulis

    1 cup Strawberries, halved
    1 tbsp Honey (or to desired sweetness)

    Blend ingredients and serve over your favourite dessert or add it to smoothies!

    Your Natural Groove Gal

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