Starting from Scratch

All nutritionists have their own mantra/mission/main belief. Mine always comes down to:

“You don’t want processed foods? Make it yourself!”

I love finding a great recipe and then taking on the challenge of coming up with a way to make it healthier and just as delicious (or even more!) Whenever I look at new recipes and under ingredients I see “packaged _______” I immediately think “Ok how can I make this from scratch?” or “What alternatives can I use?”

I like making dishes using ingredients in their most basic state. As fresh and unprocessed as possible. Now having said that I’m not perfect (nor do I want to be) so is everything I make/eat completely unprocessed and perfect? No, or course not. My point is to help all of you realize that natural foods are better and it’s not hard to incorporate at least some of this into your life.

We are conditioned that we need the “quick fix” type of diet which is actually causing us to trip, fall and start all over again. You all know what I’m talking about. The reality is there are several stepping stones on the path to healthy living, looking the way you want to look and feeling better. It starts with putting a little extra time in preparing food and make-ahead meals. But there is one powerful thing that can make it easier – YOU! And your choice to make the change to eat more naturally…and enjoy it! Step by step 🙂

All my “Healthy Info” blogs will explore and explain basic health tips, clear up nutritional myths and give you a general idea of how food works in your body. I will talk about how to fit nutritious foods into your daily routines with ease and enjoyment! And have it be delicious! Healthy food is associated with ‘boring’ and ‘tastes like cardboard’. So not the case. If you are willing to spend a little time you can enjoy dishes with beautiful flavours AND high nutritious qualities.


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